Inexpensive Ways to Enhance Your Life and Have Fun

Expert Author Susan Leigh

There has been much in the media recently about people plunging themselves into massive debt that will take years for them to repay, often taking their relationships and families to the brink of disaster. Let’s look at some ways to help this situation, ways to enhance your life and have fun.

– Accept invitations, You may feel embarrassed at going to other people’s events if you’re not in a position to reciprocate or take an expensive gift, but people invite you because they want to spend time with you. Be good company, relax and contribute with your presence. A good guest is an important part of a successful event.

– Invite people to yours. Ask people to bring a dish, a bottle. Most people don’t mind bringing something and it means that you all have a good time with relatively little expense. Or if you’re friendly with your neighbours have a safari supper with one course at each person’s house, walking from one venue to the next.

– Party games are an inexpensive way of entertaining guests. Charades, board games, cards are a fun way to spend an afternoon or evening with friends and many people love getting to know each other better as they chat, share banter and play to win. I’ve known these evenings become a regular, eagerly anticipate part of the social calendar.

– Spend time with children. Watching, playing with children of family and friends is great fun. Their ability to enjoy themselves, play the same game over and over again, often with little or no financial outlay is delightful. Children’s unaffected laughter is one of the most appealing sounds in the world.

– People-watch over a cup of coffee in a shopping mall. It’s a fascinating way to spend an hour or two, inventing stories about people’s lives, watching the world go by.

– Go for a walk. Parks, the beach, woodland are often free to enjoy and for the price of petrol or a bus ride can be relatively accessible. Enjoy a brisk walk on your own or ask friends with children or a dog to join you. Maybe come home to a mug of hot chocolate, a slow-cooker casserole or a lovely relaxing bath.

– Make your home a cosy haven. Candles, colourful prints, lovely cushions can make your home or bedroom a lovely retreat to relax and enjoy whilst not costing a great deal of money. Keep your place clean and tidy; that in itself can help you feel more positive about your home and yourself. Play music, read a book and enjoy having time for yourself.

– Smile. Remember the things in your life that you can be grateful for. Whether it be your home, your health, the difficulties you have overcome, the people you have met along the way, many of us can pause, reflect and be grateful for much in our lives.

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