The Importance of a Company Uniform

Expert Author Susan Leigh

Some employees relish a dress-down day. They treat it as a day to be relaxed about their business image and as such is a time for being more easy-going and comfortable. This can be fine for staff who remain in the office or are behind the scenes. Also some companies use dress-down days as a selling point, a time when they promote a less formal image of their business.

The fact is that uniforms are often about engendering a brand awareness and promoting a company image, both in their staff and in their customers and the public at large. People often take pride in being part of a group identity. They form a part of an organisation that is recognisable by its colours, signage and logo. Many people enjoy that sense of recognition.

Let’s look at the importance of a company uniform:

– The business takes itself seriously. When people are trading with a business, handing over their money or putting their trust in someone to deliver something they need it is important to feel confident that their supplier is taking their custom seriously. When a company has uniforms, branding, stationery it clearly has invested money into building its image. It demonstrates that it takes itself seriously and that helps to build confidence in the brand.

– Everyone is important and has a part to play. One reason why many schools use a uniform is that they are a great leveller. The wealthy children and the poorer children are often indistinguishable from each other, and that is the point. The days when they wear their own clothes often cause huge embarrassment for the less wealthy or less fashion conscious children. In a business environment a uniform creates a brand awareness rather than focusing on individual personalities. Each person is a part of the bigger picture.

– Establish a brand identity. Having the company colours and logo as high-profile as possible is a form of advertising. This is why it is important to ensure that everyone’s uniform is smart and regularly laundered. Also staff have to aware of the image they convey whilst wearing their uniform. They are ambassadors for the brand.

– Company pride. Many people who wear a smart company uniform feel proud to be recognised as part of a select team. They are representatives of everything the company stands for and need to feel some responsibility towards that image. Their actions often determine whether or not the public continues to feel confident of the brand.

– Team spirit. People in the same uniform often feel a bond with each other, especially when they are out in public. Even when they don’t know each other there is often a sense of comraderie at meeting a fellow employee. It builds an instant connection and bond. That team spirit can help people work together well.

– It means something. Being an employee of a good company and wearing their uniform indicates to others a level of ability, competency and training. The person has satisfied certain criteria and standards in order to have made the grade and been hired by them. It means something.

Everything that represents the business in a public arena has to be well-maintained and kept fresh. Dirty, poorly signed vehicles convey a poor impression. Similarly, uniforms need to be looked after and kept neat and tidy. People judge the business on what they are presented with and seeing smart, friendly staff whether in or out of the work environment can form a lasting positive impression.

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