The Best Affirmations For Women

Expert Author Susan Leigh

Women are often their own harshest task masters and take their responsibilities seriously, especially when children are involved. They are often the hub of the family and so will usually tell themselves to keep going, take a break later, other people’s needs are more important. In a work environment they are frequently all too aware of the need to prove their competency and dedication. The ability to find a balance in life is difficult to navigate.

Affirmations are about the way we talk to ourselves. We may come to realise that we talk to ourselves negatively, and as such reinforce low expectations and self belief. We may use positive affirmations that other people suggest but find that they sit uncomfortably with us. Selecting the most appropriate affirmations for ourselves and our lifestyles is an important step to take.

The important thing about affirmations is that they have to sit well with the person who is saying them. Affirmations need to be phrased in the present tense and resonate well when they are being said. So an affirmation is not about negating another person and their importance. It is more about acknowledging that if we are well and happy then the other people in our lives benefit and get the best from us. We become more positive and satisfied in our roles.

Affirmations about our body: 
Many women struggle with the way they feel about their body, especially when they are naked or after childbirth. Learning to love ourselves, imperfections included is a tough exercise to undertake. Appreciating that our body is a testament to who we are today is an important step in the process. Childbirth, surgery, stress and life all take their toll on our bodies but that story is an important part of who we are today. Affirmations that include the phrase ‘I am learning to like myself’, or ‘I am becoming more accepting of myself and my body’ can acknowledge that we are moving towards feeling more positive and are starting to feel better about ourselves.

Affirmations within the family: 
Many women juggle several roles and often feel guilty about neglecting their family because of the compromises that they have to make to maintain their various roles. Deciding that an important step would be to delegate and allow others to shoulder some responsibility could be a way to ease the burden, but it can cause feelings of guilt to occur. There is often a feeling of letting others down or falling short as a mother if the family are expected to help. Affirmations which acknowledge that it is a positive step to allow others to help can start to change that perspective.

Affirmations at work: 
Women are often all too aware of the difficulties of balancing the demands of home and work. They are conscious that many work environments require women to be especially competent and this means that there is often a struggle to do more, achieve more and continuously prove how committed they are. Affirmations for work can include taking the pressure off, relieving stress and allowing enough to be sufficient. Affirmations like ‘I am enough. What I do is enough.’ said regularly and with feeling can help to ease the stress of the situation.

Becoming aware of the role that positive self talk plays in shaping our mindset and self-esteem can enable better confidence and a more beneficial outlook to occur. Positive affirmations can enable women to view themselves and their role with a more healthy perspective. Being kinder in the way we talk to ourselves is an important step towards this goal.

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